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OMG! Man Leaps Off 8-Story Building Into Harbor And Barely Survives

This is insane! Simply watching this man jump makes you hold your breath! This thrillseeker, known as 8Booth never knows when to stop. He almost died earlier this year as he jumped off a hotel balcony right into the pool below.

This time, he goes even further, or should we say, higher. Thankfully, he did survive, but just barely, so that he can live to tell his tale. Wearing a GoPro video camera, he got some incredible footage, which can be seen in the video below.




This is pretty much his thing, which can be confirmed simply by watching his YouTube channel. He just enjoys jumping from great heights, and just barely evading death. Given the fact that he’s done this thing over and again, some would say that he is quite the professional. So, whatever you do, watch it, but don’t try this at home or at any other location.

Source: YouTube