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Permanent All-Natural Facial Hair Removal Recipe Apparently Works


Alright girls, listen up if you want to remove unwanted facial hair long-term. Women of all ages have some unwanted facial hair, which only increases with menopause. Never shave, and forget about waxing. Laser can be expensive, so what alternatives are there? Try the all-natural and painless approach used my Middle Eastern women for centuries. In fact, some claim that long-term use of this method can permanently get rid of facial hair.

Watch how it’s done.



Here is the recipe with all ingredients necessary.

*  ½ bowl of chickpea flour
* stir in  ½ cup milk
* add 1 tsp turmeric powder
* stir in 1 tsp fresh cream
* apply, massaging mixture covering all hair
* allow it to set for 25 min, until the paste is dry
* remove the paste by rubbing palms in the opposite direction of the hair growth

Okay, you can thank me later.