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Rapper Pitbull Banned From Montreal?

Rapper Pitbull banned from Montreal

In order to ensure full compliance and uniformity, along with the controversial banning of the dog breed Pit Bull Terriers could it be that the popular rapper Pitbull will also be banned from Montreal, Canada? Some believe so; they also seem rather perturbed when it comes to how stubborn the city’s mayor has been regarding this issue in particular. Perhaps the best case scenario would be Mayor Coderre simply applying the rule that rapper Pitbull is muzzled when out and about in public places, much like the Pit Bull breed that shares a similar namesake…?

This is an intriguing thought, and one that some may argue could be beneficial to all… One for you to decide!


Rapper Pitbull banned from Montreal

The Downlow

Okay now, clearly this is all a joke and is of course an effort to raise awareness of how silly this controversial Pit Bull law in Montreal really is… Please do consider sharing this article to support the cause.