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TV Star Slammed For Claiming He Looks Like George Michael

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Since the passing of legendary singer George Michael was announced on Christmas Day, his fans and admirers have mourned in their own ways.

However there is one personality from reality TV that has come under fire for his uniquely egocentric way of remembering the former Wham! front-man, who was just 53-years-old when he died from heart failure. Mark Byron is a contestant on the fifteenth series of Big Brother UK (apparently) and a pantomime performer, who was inspired by George Michael’s long career. When Byron found out about his death he weighed in on Twitter, hoping to pay his respects.


Unfortunately the misguided manner in which he chose to do so, by comparing his own looks to that of George Michael’s… and even spelling the star’s name incorrectly… Certainly did not go unnoticed by Twitter trolls.


His tweets were dubbed ‘utterly selfish’ by Kate White, who started the barrage of abuse which has ensued for days.


Some people chose to insensitively compare Byron to other celebrities who passed away this year, including David Guest.


Whilst some others chose to compare Byron to less flattering Georges’.


Those with little imagination opted to simply attack Byron’s own appearance instead (obviously).


Mark responded to the Twitter trolls, writing:

Cannot believe the sheer amount of abuse I’ve got off this twitter just for saying I looked like George Michael RIP.

I have never compared my talent to George Michael or nothing like that just think we look a bit similar is his younger years.

Byron received little sympathy despite his explanation, so instead he opted to show his naysayers that the abuse wasn’t getting him down.


Although his method of paying respects was not to some people’s taste, Byron pointed out that grieving is a very personal emotion and no one has the right to judge someone else’s pain, be it public or private. Meanwhile, this incident is proof that Twitter trolls are sadly using the platform as an arena to publicly shame others in the space of 140 characters.