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So Touching! Rescued Pit Bull Left To Die Now Gets All The Love He Needs

Here’s a pit bull named Rambo. He was left to die in Rock Hill, SC where real estate agent Casey Lawrence found him while showing a property to clients. Obviously this poor pit bull was a “bait dog” that was used in dog fighting. Here is the touching story of a rescued pit bull…

Rambo’s legs had to be amputated, but he is recovering. He still must undergo more operations, but he is now loved. He even wags his tail and plays with his toys.

What horrible people would do such a thing! They would tie him down so that other dogs could practice fighting!!! Rambo is currently using a wheelchair, but the vets are doing all they can to make him run without it.

Rambo the pit bull, found lifeless in South Carolina

He was a ‘bait dog’ used for dog fighting, judging from his wounds

The poor dog had his back legs amputated

After the surgery, he would have wagon rides to enjoy the outside

He also got a foster mom and brother to help him through the surgeries

He gives many kisses, too!

Rambo is on his way to recovering, and he already wags his tail

He knows these people are there to help him and won’t hurt him

The vets are working hard so that Rambo can run freely without a wheelchair

He can finally be a happy dog with people who care about him

Who does these terrible things!!!

More info: Facebook (h/t: thedodo)

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