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WOW! Retreading Tires – This Machine Is UNBELIEVABLE!

Recycling has reached new levels. Did you know that you can retread tires!!! Yes, you can. While there are new uses for old, bald tires, this is an amazing invention that will do wonders with regards to minimizing garbage. Retreading tires is amazing.

The process is a great example of people and machines working together for a common good. The worn out tire is loaded on to the machine, rotating at a slow speed. The man feeds the new tread onto the tire while it turns. Once the new tread is on, a weight is applied to securely attach it.

It only takes a couple of minutes and the completely bald tire has a whole new tread. Once done, the retreaded tire looks like it’s hot off the factory conveyor belt!

Watch a video on how to retreading tires process…

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