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Road Rage Victim Delivers Instant Karma

Road Rage Attacker Picks On Wrong GuyYouTube/Jason Murphy

Yanno the kind of guy that does only bad stuff, yet still wonders why their life sucks? Well in this case, he got the shit kicked out of him. Yay!

Jason Murphy spent the afternoon of 2nd January doing some peaceful and generally undisturbed shopping in Carrickmines, Dublin, however as he drove out of a nearby car park his day turned sour, and quick. Upon leaving the car park, Jason managed to irritate the fuck out of another driver who felt that he should have picked a different lane, the Irish Sun reports.


Road Rage Attacker Picks On Wrong Guy

The Jaguar driver roared a whole load of relatively articulate expletives at Murphy before demanding he step out of his car – and invite that Jason refused. Blood boiling, the Jag driver at this point decides to attack Jason, choking and hitting him while he remained in his car – as you do. But within seconds adrenaline kicked in and Murphy booted open his car door and floored the anonymous attacker.

The best part? The instant karma dosage is clearly captured in full by Jason’s dash-cam.

Speaking about the incident later, Jason said:

I went to turn right at the roundabout and the guy in question was coming from the left. I entered the roundabout where there was one lane and the cars were battling for two. At that time of the day it is packed, absolutely jammers.

The guy in the Jaguar pulls up beside and starts hurling abuse and started shouting out the window, Pick a lane, pick a lane. So I said, there is only one lane, man, take it easy.

He was going on and on. He starts shouting, get out of your car. I said, I am not coming out of my car, man, don’t be stupid.

Road Rage Attacker Picks On Wrong Guy

He added:

Once he started punching me the adrenaline just started pumping, and he was in bits after. I had a few scraps on the rugby pitch and watch a bit of UFC, but I have never had any fighting training. An off duty garda arrived and was really nice. I had a chat with him and he asked did I want to press charges but I said, No I would leave it.

The moral of the story? Don’t pointlessly pick fights with random strangers, as they may just beat you to a pulp. ?