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Santa Claus is CANADIAN! Here are 7 Fun Facts About Canada to Make You Proud

Canadians have lots to be proud of, even though they’ve been the subject of many stereotypes over the years. Sure Canada is known for its igloos, its maple syrup, and of course hockey, but it’s more than just a friendly country where people are heard saying “eh.” In fact, Canada has a very rich history and culture that many aren’t aware of.

Take a look at this nation’s finer points to remind you that Canada is more than just the neighbor to the north of the United States.

1. Canada Has Less Gravity Than the Rest of the Planet.

It’s not the entire country that is missing some gravity, but mainly the Hudson Bay region. Basically what’s happened is that the Earth’s mantle pulled down continental plates, which resulted in decreasing mass. The massive ice sheet known as the Laurentide Ice Sheet, which was about 2 miles thick, weighed down the earth. After it melted thousands of years ago, it left something like a dent on the planet. There’s one thing that makes it different.


2.  Canadians Love Kraft Dinner.


Canadians eat 55% more Kraft dinner than do their neighbors to the south. KD is one of the top selling grocery items in Canada.


3.  Millions of letters are addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0.

Mrs. Claus replies to EACH letter!!!  It requires no stamps, and is all voluntary from Canada Post employees, both current and retired. In fact, over 190,000 hours of time is donated in an effort to encourage literacy among children.



4. A Nation Proud of Its Women, Not Frightened by Them.

More than half of Canada’s provinces are led by women. That should make any nation proud, boasting gender equality.


5. Trick or Treat Traced Alberta, Canada.

The Alberta Canada Herald had printed trick or treat in its November 4, 1927 edition, which demonstrates the earliest known reference to this popular Halloween saying.



6.  According to the Immigration Minster, Santa Claus is Canadian.

Santa Claus was declared an official Canadian citizen in 2008, by the citizenship and immigration Minister Jason Kenney.



7. O Canada is Canada’s Official Phone Number!!!

Believe it or not, 1-800-O-Canada is the number to dial when wanting to reach a government office. How’s that for being clever?

So now you can stand proud to be a Canuck. For any foreigners, you can see Canadians in a whole new light! Be good, though, because Santa is Canadian!