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Sleep With Married Men? Make Sure Wife Isn’t A Kickboxer

Sleep With Married Men? Make Sure Wife Isn't A KickboxerSWNS

This is the moment a wife reached boiling point after finding out about her husband’s “side chick” and utterly losing her shit.

But in a rather surprising turn of events, instead of going for her husband the wife (who is also a trained Muay Thai expert, which is definitely worth remembering…) went straight up to his mistress and dishes out a ferocious beating as onlookers gaze on in a shock-filled awe.

The fight allegedly took place during a house party in Bangkok, Thailand and only comes to an end as her friends start to intervene, forcing her to leave the mistress on the sofa, visibly shaken.


The footage was filmed by a party guest, Ploy Tapadchum; who said:

The wife was very, very angry and confronted the mistress at her own house. She had been dating her husband, who thought it was good to have a side chick.
She fights her and the girl didn’t resist. She knows she was in the wrong. It was very cruel and her friends were there watching, so nobody could stop it.
She did wrong by taking another girl’s man but it is not right to beat the girl like this. Though most people can understand her anger.

Sleep With Married Men? Make Sure Wife Isn't A KickboxerSWNS

Now, personally I recon the wife took her anger out mostly on the wrong person, but hey I guess they were both in the wrong! Regardless, I doubt he will be seeing that side chick again…