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SNL And Tom Hanks Introduce Us To The World To David Pumpkins And It’s Catchy

The special day is about a week away, but American actor Tom Hanks won the dress-up game introducing the country to a new Halloween icon when hosting Saturday Night Live…David Pumpkins.

The Haunted Elevator sketch began being relatively nondescript…just a standard Halloween piece, with Beck Beckett and Kate McKinnon as a couple visiting a haunted elevator attraction, that was steered by SNL vet Keenan Thompson.

The haunted elevator opens  with the usual standard scares including the suicidal bride and a murderous cook. Then comes Tom Hanks in a full-on jack-o’-lantern suit and tie combo. He’s got two skeletons on either. “How’s it hangin’?” he says. “I’m David Pumpkins, and I’m gonna scare the hell out of you.”

The spooky mood then breaks with the skeletons and Hanks (Pumpkins) busting out dancing to a ridiculous tune. Then he asks, “Any questions?” And the doors shut.

The couple isn’t quite sure how to react or think. Then comes the normal, scary floor, the elevator doors open up again to Pumpkins & Co., and then over and over.

Watch the SNL sketch below with the catchy tune David Pumpkin dances to…


The Haunted Elevator sketch on SNL is just one more example of how silly and great SNL really is. Agreed?