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The Real Jaws Spotted! What???

The original movie of the 70s, Jaws, frightened movie-goers. Of course, most knew that it was just a movie and nothing more than that. But, A GIANT GREAT WHITE SHARK was spotted in Australia, believed to be 7 meters long, or over 21 feet in length!!!

Is this the real jaws spotted?

Recently, the Shark Alerts South Australia Facebook page had this to say:

“This just sent in of the massive 7 meter White spotted off Marino Rocks this afternoon from the Westpac Heli. It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen as a crew member in the Westpac chopper, we put it down as 7m the photo really doesn’t do it justice. Helicopter aerial patrols are currently herding a large White Shark out to sea off Marino Rocks. Nearby nippers events have been cancelled and all swimmers pulled from the water after the siren sounded.”

Facebook user Chris Caputo claims to have watched it all unfold, saying this:

“I was fishing off my kayak on that reef from 10am till the moment the sirens and the chopper flying near me seemed to be following something. I could just hear the swimming carnival being cancelled which brought to my attention that if I stick around I may become a snack!

The Real Jaws Spotted


Here’s some bonus shark footage for you… From when a Great White said hello to some Jersey Shore fisherman!