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This Dog Helped A Little Girl Walk Again – Watch How She Repays Him With The Best Day Ever

This is the heartwarming story of a girl named Bella Burton and her gorgeous Great Dane service dog named George. The 11-year-old girl suffers from Morquio syndrome, a progressive disease that had doctors believing she would spend the rest of her life using crutches. Along came George the service dog and changed everything.

So, this really happy young girl whose life was changed because of George decided to give him the best day that any dog could ever imagine. She got help from BarkBox. Check out how she repays him with love, treats, and pampering for helping her walk again.


Thank you George. Watch this, one of the best dog videos

This is truly a wonderful friendship these two share. Everyone involved in making George’s day so special deserves a ‘thank you’ day of their own.

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