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This Goat Was Thrown Into A Tiger’s Den As Food — But What Happened Was So Unexpected And Awesome

At the Primorsky Safari Park’s Siberian den, goats are thrown into a Tigers den as food. It’s sad, but food is necessary for the tigers to survive. Because this is common, the zoo staffers simply say goodbye to the goats, never naming them or ever getting attached to them. All the goats are quickly eaten by the tigers. Amur never goes hungry, and he is swift to eat his prey, so his prey really never has any chance.

However, this day was different. A particular goat thrown into a tiger’s den chose a different strategy. Rather than running away in fear, he stood up for himself and to the tiger. Because of this, Amur rewarded him and grew friendly toward him.

Watch this Russian tiger befriend a brave goat rather than eating it.



Amur actually gets live game twice weekly, but it’s never the famous goat who stood up to him, now named Timur. In fact these two have a friendship now and hang out in the tiger’s pen.