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This Island Wasn’t on Any Map. Unbelievable What She Discovered.

This small island near Japan wasn’t even on the map.  was the target of a 1925 secret chemical weapons program. It was so secretive that it was removed from local maps. It was the chosen site of this program because of its location, ensuring it was far enough away from main populated areas and of course, Tokyo.

Toward the end of the second World War, all documentation regarding the mission were disposed of. The poisonous chemicals were also hidden away for good. Today, there are only ruins of gas manufacturing plants, forts, and supporting power station.






If you, like most are unfamiliar with this island, then you probably don’t know that it’s renowned for its rabbit population. No one knows how they got there, but they do know how their population became so large…Tourists are allowed and encouraged to feed the island’s four-legged inhabitants.

Tourists visit the island each year, maybe to find out for themselves what happened here. Would you be tempted to visit?