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Was That Really A UFO? These People Got Out Of Their Cars On The Highway To Record It


When it comes to UFOs, most of us do believe they are real.

We would be a bit arrogant to think that we’re the only ones. There must be some other form of life somewhere on other planets, near or far. But in this day of high technology, it’s really easy to make a video and present it as evidence of an extraterrestrial sighting. So, it’s fair when we question whether the videos are real or not, which is why I’m torn about what really happened in this recent footage.

In April  2016, people driving on a busy highway in Guangzhou, China, suddenly stopped their cars. They all rushed out to record this strange flying object with their phones. To be honest, I would have done the same…[sociallocker]


What do you think? Real or not? Feel free to let us know your views on this UFO sighting video.