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Unbelievable! Is Your Salad Making You Fat? Check the Study

On a diet? Watching what you eat? You may want to rethink that salad you’re ordering, or even making at home. Getting on the path of eating right and healthy is the best thing you can do, but are your efforts going wasted? Or worse, is your salad making you fat?


  1. Store-Bought Dressings (especially Mayo-Based)

Avoid store-bought dressings. They’re loaded with calories. Make your own with some olive oil, garlic, paprika, salt and pepper. Delicious, healthy, and low in calories.

2. Sugared or Glazed Nuts

Plain nuts are full of nutrients and provide a great protein boost. But, glazed or sweetened nuts will only make your efforts go wasted. The best choice is dry-roasted or raw nuts.

3. Dried Fruit

You may think you’re adding more healthy stuff to your already healthy salad, but that’s false. Dried fruit contains tons of sugar. Instead, opt for your favorite fresh fruit.

4. Croutons. Never

Forget the added carbs that are going against all your weight-loss goals, these store-bought croutons are downright unhealthy. Instead, get the crunch you want by making your own croutons using healthy whole wheat bread. Season them as you like.

5. Cheese

Cheese is so delicious but very fattening. You don’t need to cut it out all together, though. Just be wise in your choice of cheese for your salad topping. Go for low-fat options like cottage cheese, feta, or even mozzarella. But don’t go overboard.