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This Vital iPhone Tip May Just Save Your Life In An Emergency

Well this is news to us here. Did you know this vital iPhone tip may just save your life in an emergency, or the life of a loved one?!!! A hospital employee, Julia Thompson, let this important iPhone feature out of the bag on social media recently and we felt it’s essential to get the word out.

A free health app can be set up, called “Health” right on the iPhone, and looks like this:


iPhone Health


People can set up a “Medical ID” that will provide crucial information to hospital staff, or paramedics. With this application, medical professionals can access pertinent information, such as your name, your next of kin, date of birth, any medical conditions, your blood type, allergies, emergency contacts, and even personal notes. This app can be opened even if the phone is locked.

Most people don’t even know about this free app with the heart icon that can translate into being a lifesaver.


Open the app and look for the ‘Medical ID’ icon at the bottom. Tap there and enter your emergency information.

iPhone Health

Enter blood type, allergies/reactions, medications you’re on, next of kin info, or any existing medical conditions that the hospital staff should know about.

The app, once installed on the iPhone, will be evident and accessible by medical staff even if your phone is locked, as below.

iPhone Health

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