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Want the Best Tea In the World? This is Where You Need to Go for Taste and a View Like No Other

Do you love tea? Would you love to taste the best tea in the world? I would. This place is like heaven on Earth, and you almost have to travel that high to get it. But it’s worth it ’cause you get to experience the most awesome view ever in the entire world. Would you go?

Take a peek at the paths you need to take to get there. Oh, and by the way, this climb claims 100’s of lives each year.


Stairway to Heaven

Keep going.


No way!


Ahhh! Heaven

Made it! Didn’t I tell you it was worth it? Just look at that view. I bet you can’t get a better tasting cup of tea than right here in  Mount Hua Shan. It used to be an ancient Taoist temple. Okay, it’s beautiful and all, but I’ll skip the risk and head out to the nearest Starbucks for my tea. I’m just not such an adventurer.

Source: Masterok