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Watch What Happens When Students Are Told That They’re Beautiful – Priceless Reactions

An 18-year-old maker living in New York City, Shea Glover, special in experimental projects. Recently, she made a very popular short film about her fellow students and it’s AWESOME!!! Don’t miss this as it’s one of the best videos ever.

This experiment demonstrated the immense power of a simple compliment, all caught on film. The project went like this: a student is approached and asked to be photographed by Glover. The students ask why. Glover responds, “I’m taking pictures of things I find beautiful.”  This definitely qualifies as one of many life lessons, so don’t be shy to give out some compliments. People need them.

Their reactions are so touching…





So very inspirational.

Look at how much power you have in just telling someone they’re beautiful.