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What Would Happen If The Queen Died?

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A little earlier on today a malicious fake news website published a story about the purported death of Queen Elizabeth II, which thankfully is nonsense and both her majesty and Prince Phillip are still very much with us.

However, this got some people thinking… What would actually take place if our Queen had died? It would seem there’s quite a bit according to Business Insider.

When the fateful day really does come and Liz (to her friends) does pass on, the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Island, and no doubt many other Commonwealth countries around the world will enter a 12 day period of mourning which will likely affect almost everything; ranging as far and wide as what’s on TV through to the financial markets.

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Depending on how the Queen dies there are two ways it could be announced… The first is that she dies after a period of long illness, which will see the BBC (and most likely every other channel in the UK) interrupt their planned programmes to announce her passing. Alongside this, the BBC will also cancel every planned comedy programme until after her funeral had taken place. If she should die unexpectedly (say due to an accident) then the palace will do their best to control the announcement and the format it takes, however it will likely spread through the usual social media channels like wildfire.

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Upon her death Prince Charles will become King Charles and from that point forwards any newly issued stamps and currency will be produced with his face on it and of course, the national anthem will be tweaked as well to take into account the gender difference to his mother. Following this, all current MP’s will have to swear their loyalty to the new monarchy and Prince William will ascend the royal ladder to become the Prince of Wales, replacing his father.

Before her majesty is buried (most likely at Balmoral, Sandringham or besides her father at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor), the Queen’s body will lie in state in Westminster Hall. During this time, the hall itself will be open for a total of 23 hours a day and it’s expected the number of mourners will be in the hundreds of thousands based on previous royal funerals.


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12 days after her death her state funeral will begin with her coffin being carried from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey by gun carriage, to a service that will be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury. It is expected that a vast number of heads of state will attend, whilst members of the public will line the route in their thousands.

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A very cheery story to end 2016 on!