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World’s Top 5 Most Incredible Staircases

This list of the top 5 most incredible staircases will take your breath away. They come with the most stunning views and are art in themselves. Do you agree?

5. China’s Spiral Staircase Linzhou

The Spiral Staircase Linzhou is built aside the Taihang Mountains. Its whopping height of 300 feet offers the same thrill of mountain climbing without the danger or risk. Only people under age 60 and in good health are allowed to face the climb, as they battle strong winds.

4. Spain’s Stairs Above The Sea

A man-made stone staircase on the islet of Gaztelugatxe in Spain that connects the island to the mainland. The island boasts a chapel dating back to the 9th-10th century, and accessed by a narrow path and going up the Stairs Above The Sea. Stunning journey with great views and 237 steps.

3. Hawaii’s Haʻikū Stairs

Situated in the US, it is like the Stairway to Heaven, on the island of O’ahu. Gorgeous and long…3922 steps. Hikers still use it although it was closed to the public about 20 years ago.

2. Columbia’s La Piedra Del Peñol

The La Piedra Del Peñol is out of this world. It’s situated the town of Guatapé in Antioquia and is a monolithic formation. It also goes by the name El Peñol Stone and is made of quartz. There are 740 stairs to climb to make it to the top for an incredible view.

1. The Netherlands’ Moses Bridge Stairs

Simply AWESOME. Check this out. A 17th century fort surrounded by a moat was made accessible with this Moses Bridge Stairs, which splits the waters to allow people across.

Of course, there are many other gorgeous staircases in the world, but these made it to my top 5.

Do you have any to share?