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Wow! A Cat Paradise…For Cat Lovers Homes Everywhere!

A German family designed a paradise for cats. You can decorate your home to make it more fun for your cat. Keep it as simple or make it as elaborate as you are daring. Your cat will love you for it.

Thanks to the Goldtatze cat furniture company, you can buy the cat’s paradise and install it as you see fit. There are stairs, beds, and walkways to choose from…


There are no limits as to design. Be creative.

Give cats a reason to move. It’s fun and good for them.

No need for cats to sit around and wish they could be outdoors anymore!

A cat lover can be a responsible city dweller with the custom designed cat city on the walls. Please share to make other cat lovers aware of these designs, so that they can let their cats be entertained all day.

Be responsible and share this with your friends and family.