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Wow! Bronze and Water Sculptures that Should Be on Your Property – I Want One

These beautiful fountains are truly unbelievable works of art created by a Polish sculptor, by the name of Malgorzata Chodakowska. They are so unique in the way the metal complements the water, and vice versa, creating something beyond beautiful. The sculptures are made of wood, painstakingly carved to perfection. You may be wondering how a piece of wood can be turned into such a work of art depicting an elegant female figure. Truly incredible.

So that it becomes a functional fountain, the artist casts the wooden figures in bronze. From there, it’s her imagination that is used to decide which is the best way for the water to emerge so that her sculptures are incredible works of art. Just look at the two elegant wings of the angel that are a gushing stream of water.

The sculpture below depicts a naked woman dancing, with water simply trickling from the ends of her hair.



This is a sculpture of a young girl carrying a leaf, from which collected water drips down into the fountain below.