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You Won’t Believe What Police Officers Rescued From A Dumpster. Then They Adopted Her!

Cats are usually rescued by cops and firefighters from trees, but in Ohio, this was way different. They found a potbelly pig stuck in a dumpster.

This is how the story goes down: two teen had this pig, but got tired of carrying it, so they took a break. Afraid that the pig would run away, they decided to place it in a dumpster. Oops! At this point there was no going back, and the pig got stuck. As the teens couldn’t get it out, they called 911. Along with the police came an animal rescue group and helped rescue the pig.

As the teens realized it would be too much for them to care for the pig, they gave it up for adoption. So, a police officer adopted it and have it a loving home. Sweet.



You should always be very careful about taking in an animal that you might not be able to care for. Sure, potbelly pigs are cute, smart, kind creatures — but they also grow up to be a lot larger than most people realize.

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I love these sweet stories!